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If the product didn´t match with your expectations or the size of the cloth was false you can return the product to the net store as the “Customer return parcel of the Post Office”. The return must be made within 14 days of your receiving as one piece of customer return. If you have any remarks of the product please contact our customer service without delay. You can test the product, but please notice that the product cannot be taken into use or the product labels be removed. tarina-asu.fi does not receive false returns. If the return is delayed or it has stains due to customer, pet hair or other damages, we are not obliged to refund the full price of the product.


Address of the return:

Tarina-Asu Oy
Oksasenkatu 8
53100 Lappeenranta

Write the return address on the package or use the possible patch included. Take the return to the Post Office and ask for a receipt of your delivery.
Notice! Keep the receipt to yourself until you receive from us the e-mail message of our receiving the return. We don´t refund the returns lost during the returning process unless the customer has the receipt of the return. Please notice that, due to the Post Office´s own return logistics, the returning process takes two to five workdays. You will always get an e-mail message as we have received your return. As soon as we have handled your return, we will ask you for the information needed for the refund (e.g. bank account). The refund will be carried out without delay. Please notice also that the possible order gift must be returned if the conditions for the free order gift are not fulfilled. Notice also that if the final value of the possible return is below the minimum order price (10 euros), we will charge the fee of small order (5 euros) afterwards, due to our terms of delivery.


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