The customer has the right for free cancel of the order to tarina-asu.fi net shop within 14 days after receiving the product.

Not collecting the order or refusing to receive it (meaning returning without opening the parcel and filling the form) is not, according to the Law for Consumer Protection, a valid reason for return of order. The notification of return must always be made with the return form attached.

The customer always pays the costs for the return. Please, include the form of return attached in the parcel. The printable form can also be loaded here.

NOTE! If the weight of the item to be returned is less than 2kg, the customer return should be done as a letter customer return. You get a receipt from the postal officer. If the weight of the item to be returned is more than 2kg, return it as a customer return 14.
You will receive a receipt from the clerk.

The lost customer return will be refunded only when the customer has the valid receipt from the Postal Office. Thus, always remember to ask for the receipt and keep it safe until you receive an e-mail confirmation from us having received your return.

All the extra costs of non-collected returns due to customer will be charged to the full from the customer. Costs for non-collected parcel consist of packing, sending and returning. For non-collected parcels min. 20 euros will be charged afterwards.

Tarina-Asu reserves the right to refuse a customer a free delivery or return, to cancel an order or close the customer account without notice in special occasions. The reason for the act is commonly a remarkably great amount of customer returns of the account.

The customer has the right to change the product to another size or colour once per order or just return the product if it is unsatisfactory.

Tarina-Asu will refund the product after having received the return.

The returns of products will be handled usually the day they are received. The customer will always get an e-mail confirmation of the return.

Notice also that if the final value of the possible return is below the minimum order price (10 euros), we will charge the fee of small order (5 euros) afterwards.

If the product returned is false (e.g. damaged, used, with pet hair) Tarina-Asu is not entitled for full refund. If the products returned are not re-sellable due to the customer, Tarina-Asu will charge min. 25 per cent of the retail price as a compensation.


The customer´s duty is to carefully check the contains of the order, the condition and amount of the products upon receiving the delivery. If the customer has received a wrong product, the amount of the products is false or the product has a flaw, the customer must inform Tarina-Asu without delay either through the feedback form on our website, via e-mail or per telephone +358 40 560 1337 (working days between 10 am. and 2 pm.). If the product is false, please attach a clear photo of the flaw to hasten the handling of the return.

Please note that the right for reclamation does not include:

  1. detritions caused by wearing of the product
  2. externally caused damages of the cloth
  3. damages caused by unsuitable or excess usage of the product
  4. damages caused by sweat or similar secretion
  5. normal colour dissolution of fabrics
  6. damages caused by false usage or washing of the cloth
  7. damages caused by external objects or factors like abrasion, sharp objects or chemicals
  8. the inconvenience due to the model or material of the product

Address of the return

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