Tarina-Asu´s strength in planning and manufacturing clothes are the domestic know-how and handicraft. Clothes which give their wearer, a strong and bold woman, the joy and pleasure for a long time. Comfort of the clothes is the most important quality standard. The comfort is born from the material, design and appearance. Quality and durability are the basis of the design of Sanna Lehto and the collection of Tarina-Asu. The feedback from the customers gives a guide line for planning and developing the collection.

Tarina-Asu has a shop in Lappeenranta Finland and a selling point in The OKRA art, crafts, and design gallery, situated in the center of Helsinki, by the side of Senate Square. Tarina-Asu has also an ever-widening network of retail sellers all over Finland..


” Someone can!” said the mother with appreciation the day when Sanna came home and told “people buy these clothes that I make”. Getting such an endorsement from one of the closest people in Sannas life, was the turning point in her decision making to become an entrepreneur. At that time, being a young woman from Sippola, it was not predictable plan for her future. Regardless of the doubts, even from some family members, Sanna did not get discouraged. Rather she got “sisufied” by the comments and wanted to show that “no one cuts the ground from under my feet that easily”.

“Tough, persistent, decisive, strong, colourful, esthetic art-lover, brave and hard worker” are terms which friends use when describing Sanna in her work and private life.

Sanna´s pet Hertta, that creature in dog uniform, has an eager eye on Sanna working in her atelier. Unless expresses she a house-trembling doggy snore having her daily nap. This dog story is being told by Sanna´s neighbours in the borough of Eira in Helsinki.

Sanna has more than 30 years of experience as a textile artist. During these years, totally self-educated, Sanna has created her individual and imposing style as a designer and manufacturer of unique ladies´ winter coats. The patterns that have been created with sharp eye ensure the best fit on the figure of a strong woman. Today, with expanded demand, Sanna employs seasonally three to four Finnish professional dressmakers mainly in South-Eastern Finland. The signature of these pros can be seen in firm cuttings and solid but fluffy sutures. These idioms are the emblem of a high-class clothing for a strong woman who appreciates individuality. Clothes made by Tarina-Asu.

“I love sauna, it is my thing” says Sanna, sitting with wind whirling through her long red hair on the terrace of a modern joy factory in southern Helsinki. The benches of sauna are the birth place on many a new thought for the design of the new collection. When barest one is the most creative.


Tarina-Asu was born a long time before stories started to be told in business life. Sanna Lehto has told the story of her firm through her works for more than twenty years.

Tarina-Asu is largely as much as the imagination and the creativity of textile artist Sanna Lehto combined with high-class materials and Finnish high-end handicraft. The outcome of these are individual and unique clothes for a strong and bold woman.

Tarina-Asu creates a story of a cloth. The story of a Finnish cloth and woman who enjoys being inside it.

The story of Tarina-Asu is the story of the customer and her cloth. The fascinating story of clothing can be told only by a satisfied customer. Tarina-Asu makes clothes to satisfy customers. The most important storyteller is the customer who experiences her cloth worth a testimonial to others.
Tarina-Asu makes clothes worth a testimonial.


Clothes for strong women