Net shop tarina-asu.fi shall process personal data lawfully and carefully, in compliance with
good processing practice and complies with good commercial usages respecting the protection of personal data and privacy of the customer.
This register description concerns all the internet services operated by tarina-asu.fi net shop.



This register description is according to The Personal Data Act (523/1999) section 10.


Register Controller

Tarina-Asu Oy
Luukkaankatu 31
FIN-53300 Lappeenranta
e-mail: tarinaasu@gmail.com
Business Code: 2628143-7


Register Responsible

Tarina-Asu Oy/Sanna Lehto


Name of Register

tarina-asu.fi verkkokaupan asiakasrekisteri


Content of Register Data Information

First and family names of the user
Contact information of the user (address, telephone number, e-mail address)
History of orders (orders finished and under handling including methods of payment)
E-mails sent by the user via net site (contents of e-mails and header information)
Technical log information of the internet server (including ip-address of the user and information of the browser of the user)

The bank and credit card information is not available for the personnel of the net service. The payments are always submitted through the bank´s own server via the connection secured by SSL-protection.


Purpose of Register

The register is primarily intended for practicing customer service between tarina-asu.fi net shop and the customers. The data of register is not used for direct marketing purposes without customer´s consent. Yet, through registration the customer gives tarina-asu.fi net shop the consent to use the data for traditional methods of marketing (trad. post, sms) other than e-mail for direct marketing approaches.


Transferring Data and Secrecy Policy

The data is in no circumstances transferred to third parties. The register is saved on the server of an external service provider onto which only the personnels of tarina-asu.fi and the external service provider are entitled the access. All the controllers of the register are subject to the professional secrecy.

tarina-asu.fi net shop withdraws the responsibility if the data of the customers are transferred to third party because of an act of other than tarina-asu.fi net shop (e.g. hacking not protectable by the personnel of tarina-asu.fi). The customer is responsible for his/her customer code and is obliged to change the password where there are doubts that it has been leaked for an outsider.

tarina-asu.fi reserves the right for alterations to this description yet, being obliged to inform the customers.

Additional information of customer registration and data security policy is available from tarinaasu@gmail.com.