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Sohvi navy/dotted white

189,00  (incl. VAT 24%)

New spring Sohvi tunic created in straight lines and decorated with white dots. The sleeves are 3/4 of the length and the neckline is quadrangular. The tunics are made of soft-linen woven by Tarina-Asu. By supplementing of small amount of artificial fibers, we have been able to improve the properties of the thin, but easily wrinkled linen. This results in a beautiful and vibrant Soft Flax that does not wrinkle easily and that straightens itself out. Linen feels pleasant in summer, because of its coolness and freshness, as it effectively absorbs moisture without feeling wet. The tunics also provide warmth, so they are great for every season. A gentle wash at 40 degrees Celsius is recommended for soft linen. The fabric should be formed back into shape when it is wet and let it rest to straighten itself out hanging. The fabric is easy to take care of and to use! Clothes are often washed because of the habit and not that much because of their dirtiness. The natural properties of linen include dirt repellency and therefore it is usually enough to hang them outside to air out.